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Gum Removal

Meath Jetting Services provides a ‘Chewing Gum Removal service, which is the most efficient and the quickest way to have historic debris removed from any area.

By using a constant supply of a special vaporized chemical at point of contact, with a combination of pressure, heat, and chemical solutions, eradicates this issue from pavements.

The state of the art system we use is completely silent as no trailing leads or generator is required, chewing gum removal can be carried out at any time, day or night, even when streets are busy.

It is environmentally friendly because the unique cleaning solution is manufactured from renewable sources.

The chemical solution is based on a sugar surfactant that makes the end result completely bio degradable.

Chewing gum is broken down to dust and it is just swept away to bring paving back to its original conditions.

Please feel free to contact Meath Jetting Services at any time if you require Chewing Gum Removal services at competitive prices.


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